Energy Savings

  • Invest in a ENERGY STAR rated window; efficient energy saving windows may allow you to get a significant tax credit during the year of your purchase and installation.
  • Windows with a warm-edge spacer system reduce heat loss and condensation.
  • Multi-chambered sills increase the strength and protection of the window and provide added insulation.

Maintenance Free

  • Quality block and tackle balance system; this eliminated adjustment or lubrication.
  • Vinyl windows will never need painting.
  • Look for windows that tilt in for easy cleaning.


  • Sleek design windows allow for maximum glass area.
  • Low profile hardware for more outdoor visibility and less distractions.
  • 100% true white vinyl. Low quality vinyl material may have a “blue-ish” tint.


  • Adequate wall thickness and multi-chamber construction.
  • Heavy-duty hardware and components for higher performance and longer lifetime.
  • Look for ISO 9001 certification verifying strict quality control.


  • Look at warranty options.


  • Style and material variety that will allow you to choose the right product that will fit the style of your house.

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