Vinyl Replacement Windows
New insulated windows and doors is a great way for saving energy during New Englands cold winters and hot summers. SEC understands that windows and door replacements are in fact an investment for many homeowners, which is why we use the most trusted products on the market and provide you with knowledgeable information regarding the right style and window/door type will work best for your home. We’ll help you choose the right product for beauty, energy efficiency, and reliability – then properly install them in your home. We’ve seen too many new window or door installations that have water leaks or were not properly insulated around the unit’s frame. Our team is devoted to quality and perfection, which means you’ll be 100% satisfied with the results and the energy savings as well! Our services reach well beyond our shop location in Attleboro including North Attleboro, Wrentham, Norfolk, Franklin, Mansfield, and other surrounding towns.

As a homeowner, you take pride in your home, and the quality and appearance counts! SEC uses only top-of-the-line, yet affordable, products that have been engineered to last with superior features. While some contractors use inferior products to cut material costs and charge the same; SEC uses only performance-tested products by trusted manufacturers like Harvey, Marvin, and Anderson.


Multi-Chamber Sill for Strength

Vinyl windows and doors are a popular solution for those who already have vinyl siding and enjoy the benefits of having very little maintenance as they never need painting and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Some features considered when choosing vinyl windows or doors:

Less Chambers Means Less Durability
  • State-of-the-art block and tackle balances which never need adjustment
  • 100% virgin vinyl to ensure true white color. Other imitators use second-rate vinyl that causes an unattractive blue-ish tint
  • Sleek designs to maximize glass area
  • Low profile hardware components that do not obstruct the view to the outside
  • Thick wall, multi-chamber sill construction for strength


For those that prefer wood over vinyl, SEC uses window and door products that maintain the tradition and beauty of real wood for the interior while protecting the exterior against wood destructive elements with aluminum cladding.

The manufacturers and brands we trust offer a variety of style options for new or replacement construction. These styles include different exterior colors and wood choices along with an array of grid and hardware options. Finding the right product to compliment your home should not be a challenge – unless you find too many styles that you like!


Energy Efficient Low-E Coating
When replacing your windows with a thermal window, one of the most important features to consider is its glazing system – a major component of the windows overall thermal energy efficiency. Windows or doors with a “clear” glass are least efficient, while others that contain Low-E are much more thermally effective. The diagram to the right explains that during the winter, heat is reflected back into the home, reducing heating costs. During the summer, heat from the sun is reflect out reducing cooling costs. The Argon gas trapped in the glass and Low-E coating on the outside of the window allows for this efficiency. The products we use are ENERGY STAR qualified – allowing you to get any tax credits available for the year of your purchase and installation.

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