Radiant Bathroom Floor Heating & Tiling

With the onset of the winter months comes the slow creep of a cold chill deep into tile. Bathrooms, kitchens, hallways – it doesn’t matter where the tiles are; all of them eventually hold that all-too-familiar, ice-cold sensation. It’s the reason people run out to purchase slippers or thick shag floor coverings, or even opt to wear socks around the house all day.

But there’s a solution to this chilly conundrum: radiant bathroom tiling, also known as heated floor installation. These affordable systems have been around for centuries, helping people keep their feet warm and their homes even warmer, and the systems typically come in two different styles, electric and hydronic. Choosing one over the other depends on your feet-warming preference.

What is radiant flooring?

Radiant flooring is a heating system installed directly into the floor that heats up tiles. All of that heat does two things: 1) ensures no more morning chill on feet, and 2) efficiently warms up rooms. This creates a solid heat-delivery system that ensures the home stays warm and welcoming. Plus, the heating system includes its own thermostat, so homeowners can customize their flooring heat level.

The installation of a heated floor does not raise the flooring by much. In fact, the system is so thin, most visitors to the home wouldn’t even realize that the floor has been altered by installing radiant flooring. It’s an addition that goes undetected until someone realizes that they’re toasty warm and free from feeling the cold of winter.

When should radiant flooring be installed?

The best time to install radiant flooring is during a bathroom or kitchen renovation, as this reduces the overall time and financial cost of the project. Plus, by including, say, a bathroom heated floor installation in the renovation, you can plan the rest of the room’s floor plan around the flooring. No need for additional heaters, for example, or you can add heated towel racks as a complement to the radiant flooring.

However, specifically installing radiant flooring into a room is not a bad decision, either. The addition of this heating system helps to keep heating costs down, and the affordable nature of the project makes it a drop in the financial bucket. It’s a recommended solution for any homeowner in need of a solution for their chilly house.

Who installs radiant flooring?

With our professional team of North Attleboro contractors, we have helped countless families fight off the annoying, morning-ruining cold of winter. Their homes have instead become a bastion of warmth, from morning to night, where feet are able to set down upon tiles without fear of chill shock. And that warmth spreads further than mere feet, as it expands up to calves, knees, thighs, and every other part of the body, creating a warmth that envelopes.

The chill of a morning does nothing but create dread and anxiety about getting out of bed and into the flow of a day, which then creates a negative start to what should have been a productive morning. That negative energy, like the cold upon one’s feet, seeps into the rest of the day. It’s exactly that unnecessary weight upon one’s life that radiant flooring does away with. Plus, it’s an incredibly affordable fix to a unchecked problem.


An expertly installed heated floor could mean money saved off heating bills, which is why our team of professional contractors are happy to head the project. We believe in working with clients and bringing their visions to life. Individuals from far and wide have come to our North Attleboro contractors for their expertise, efficiency, and ability to complete any project with ease. Contact us today and we’ll happily help you with your next radiant flooring installation.

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