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The kitchen can make or break a home. The bedrooms could be huge and spacious, the closets massive, the backyard expansive – but if the kitchen is antiquated and inefficient, forget about it, that home isn’t going to sell as well as if it had an up-to-date, modern feel. Which is exactly why kitchen remodeling projects are necessary for both homeowners and home sellers.

To begin a kitchen remodeling project, you must first think about which part of the kitchen requires an upgrade. Is it the countertops? The sink? The appliances? The tile floor? There are numerous parts to the kitchen, and each one plays a crucial role in how people view the room. (And in turn, each piece influences how much someone will pay to own that kitchen.)

But don’t worry, as the premier construction firm of Plainville MA, South Eastern Carpentry has walked countless individuals through the remodeling process. And now it’s time to walk you through it, too.

The Pantry

Too often people forget about the pantry, which results in forgettable pantries, which result in forgettable kitchen layouts. A pantry, at its core, yes, is just another storage area, but when given a creative layout and a bit of design flair, it becomes a welcome addition to the kitchen’s whole decor.

The above picture, for example, showcases how a pantry can be both functional and fun. The background color makes it easy to find pantry items at a glance, while also providing a visually appealing element.

The Floor

Kitchen floors typically come in two styles: wood or tile. (Sometimes we see granite, but not too often.) And while the two selections may seem stifling – “Only two choices!?” – each one actually breaks down into many, many sub-categories.

There are numerous kinds of wood appropriate for a kitchen. In addition to that, there are numerous stains for that wood. Together, this provides clients with a wealth of choices for remodeling their kitchen floor.

For a more affordable route, tiles can be applied over your kitchen’s current wood foundation. This way, the wood doesn’t have to be replaced, yet you still see a huge improvement to the kitchen’s layout. Plus, the number of tile options are limitless, and it provides an opportunity for creative types to design their floor exactly according to what they envision.

The Countertops

The centerpiece of any kitchen is the countertops. Quartz, butcher block, granite, wood, marble, tile – there are numerous choices for these essential kitchen accessories, and each type must be fully considered before making a final decision. After all, they must look good while also serving their purpose as a culinary surface.

(If you have any questions about which materials are most appropriate as a countertop, please contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss options.)

And remember, your countertops should at least complement:

The Backsplash

First, notice how the countertops match the backsplash, and how both are visually striking in their own right. That is what we call successful decor.

The backsplash plays an important role in keeping a kitchen sanitary and clean, but it should also, as stated above, accentuate the kitchen’s image. Obviously, most backsplashes are created with tile, but there are numerous ways to find creative alternatives to this all-too-common route. It really depends on your budget and final vision for the kitchen remodeling project.

As with the countertops, we are happy to discuss options for the backsplash, because understanding a material’s traits can help with the decision process.

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