The cost recouped for a kitchen or bath remodel many times reaches into the 90% range. They are the two rooms in your house, which can drastically increase your resale value and tend to be the conversation piece for a home renovation or remodel. Kitchen and/or bath remodeling starts with concept layouts and design using a 3D modeling program that displays the exact dimensions of your space.  From there it involves using quality products that fit your budget and a team of carpenters that have tackled hundreds of the same project with superior results.


Schuler Cabinetry

Schuler Cabinetry. Uncompromising Quality and Strength.

Schuler Cabinetry, popular cabinetry exclusively through Lowe’s has a long history of innovative products constructed with uncompromising quality and strength. Schuler Cabinets use local forests and are manufactured in the United States.

Diamond Cabinetry

Diamond Cabinets. Intelligently Designed for Tomorrow.

Diamond has a select collection of kitchen and bath cabinet colors that are in sync with today’s trends but also intelligently designed for tomorrow. Color, look, and feel however are not the complete picture of why Diamond products are so popular. It has the quality you’re looking for from every miter, hinge, and inch backed with an impressive warranty.


Kraftmaid. Perfect Blend of Selection, Style, and Affordability.

Kraftmaid, another brand trusted and used by SEC, is an industry leader of build-to-order cabinetry. Assembled in the United States, Kraftmaid offers the same hand-crafted all-wood, dovetail drawer boxes and I-beam constructed cabinets that they built over 40 years ago.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets give you a perfect blend of selection, style, and affordability. Semi-custom cabinetry requires less lead times and are generally less expensive than fully customized cabinets. Kraftmaid allows you to choose your door style, material (i.e. oak, cherry, maple, birch, hickory, etc.), finish, and decorative hardware 100% built-to-order.

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