Decking Out Decks in Wrentham, MA

When is a deck more than a deck? Simple: When it’s accessorized and upscaled. Then it transforms into an extension of living space, instead of simply a gathering area for parties or barbecues. And in an area as nice as Wrentham, MA (and surrounding towns), having a fantastic deck can mean the difference between days spent lounging in the sun or inside away from that fantastic deck.

But what can you do to upscale a deck? And honestly, is there any possible way to actually upscale a deck, in the sense that anyone will see it as something more than merely a bunch of wood stuck together?

Without a doubt, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding “Yes!” There are numerous ways to upscale your deck, while also taking into consideration the weather conditions of Wrentham, MA. For example, one of the easiest ways to increase the value (and appeal) of your deck is to add a railing system.

Deck Railings

Finding the appropriate deck railing comes down to figuring out which material matches your deck. Metal can provide a long-lasting effect, but it doesn’t always look well juxtaposed with wood. Worse still, if improperly maintained, metal can rust rather quickly (especially in the Wrentham, MA, rainy seasons), which just makes the whole deck look worse rather than better.

At the same time, though, metal railings can last a long time, if properly cared for. Moreover, galvanized steel and wood are currently a trend, so the materials may be cheaper than expected. Metal railings are also rather easy to construct, making it possible for people of varying skill levels to make, install, and appreciate a metal railing system.

Solar Lights

At night, especially beneath a moonless sky, a deck can be treacherous to walk upon — unless, of course, you install lights upon the deck to enhance visibility. But what kind of lights do you buy? Installing lights that are wired into the house will increase electrical bills, which seems silly seeing as many Wrentham, MA, decks are exposed to sunlight throughout the day.

Solar Lights on Deck

But that’s exactly the answer: solar lights. They are powerful enough to illuminate a deck, yet do not cost anything more than the initial payment. They are easily maintained, weather-proof, and come in varying degrees of light strength. So you can purchase a small, discreet solar light for your deck, or go big with a monstrous solar light. Totally up to you. Either way, solar lights are a great way to class up your deck.

Post Caps

Accessorizing a deck means giving it personality. Or a theme. Or some kind of distinct overarching visual cue that people can recognize. Which means you have to take full advantage of every part of your deck. For this reason, post caps are a great way to provide that little extra oomph to your deck’s appeal.

Caps to deck railing

As with railings, post caps come in all sorts of materials and styles. Some are simply composite/plastic, some metal and made to replicate a Gothic Revival feel, and others are wood, glass, or copper (and many more!). It’s vital that you take your time and shop around when searching for post caps; it adds a nice touch to the posts and railings of a deck.

The professionals at South Eastern Carpentry are trained and skilled in the art of accessorizing decks. If you live in Wrentham, MA or a nearby town and need help with your next decking project, please contact us so we can show you our dedication and knowledge of building durable, stylish decks.

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