Deck Styles for Plainville, MA

In a place like Plainville, MA, there are numerous deck styles that are acceptable, ranging from colonial to contemporary, traditional to mountainous. And all of them help to enhance the value of the property in which it resides — so long as it looks professionally constructed.

Thankfully we’re here to help you get that professional look. So let’s break down each style and how it’s supposed to look, starting with the first mentioned above, colonial.

Colonial Decks

A colonial deck uses elements of classical architecture to achieve a uniform look. Go for a symmetrical design, and try to incorporate white molded railings with decorative post caps. Build planter boxes for the railings and around the deck. Incorporate benches and various wooden seating arrangements. Try to keep everything simple.

Contemporary Decks

Unlike the colonial’s more-is-better style, contemporary decks opt for the less-is-more route. Use sleek, frugal designs. Basic shapes work best, and try to use low maintenance materials such as PVC, metal, or even stone. But make sure to see what other Plainville, MA, decks are doing, because contemporary doesn’t mean being repetitive. It’s about being unique without going over the top.


Want a style that screams cottage? Go for a traditional deck. (This one works for almost any kind of Plainville, MA, house.) Design the deck or sections of the deck to be octagon in shape, so as to soften the corners. Trim moldings and routered rail caps should also be incorporated into the deck’s construction. As for the wood, go for cedar or redwood (or a similar composite), as these are warm, beautiful wood types that can be stained accordingly.


Just because the ocean isn’t right at your doorstep doesn’t mean you can’t have a coastal styled deck in Plainville, MA. In fact, coastal decks can easily complement an in-ground pool. These style of decks should be built using gray composite decking or cedar with white railings, because these materials blend well with the look of water. Also, glass or cable rails can open up the deck’s viewing potential. You want the deck to be open and as unobstructive to the eyes as possible.


Again, just because you don’t live a mountain doesn’t mean you cannot have a deck styled for a mountainous property. These decks are designed for houses in the woods, and they are built from heavy timber. Typically they have rustic log railings, and thus look stronger and more massive than other deck types. Aim to recreate nature with your mountainous deck.

Professional Help

Finding an appropriate theme for a specific house isn’t always an easy task, especially with so many wonderful choices available. If you at all feel overwhelmed or confused about whether you are making a correct decision with your deck panning, please contact us. The Plainville, MA, deck experts of South Eastern Carpentry Inc are capable of guiding you through the process of choosing and building a deck that suites your style.

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