Deck Builders in Medway, Medfield, and Surrounding Towns

Are you in the market for an outdoor deck that keeps up with your needs? You know, a deck that’s durable yet attractive, functional yet financially responsible, and will help maximize your house’s overall worth.

If so, you have come to the right company. Here at South Eastern Carpentry, we pride ourselves on being a premier deck building company, and we service the areas of Medway, Medfield, Millus, Westwood, along with many neighboring towns.

Visualizing Your Deck

The first thing you have to do is visualize your deck. What kind of end result are you looking for? How large will the deck be? Will it complement the house’s color or act as an accent? Answering these questions (and many more) can help ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

But don’t worry, we can help you with this visualization phase. Our experts stand ready to discuss with you every aspect of your deck. Wondering if your dimensions are correct? Ask us. Trying to figure out if your layout works with your design features? Give us a call.

We make deck construction completely understandable.

Deck Materials

When you work with South Eastern Carpentry, know that you are working with cutting edge constructors. We have scoured the market for the best, latest materials available, so as to provide our clients with long-lasting and durable projects. These are two companies from which we proudly use products:

For those unaware, Timbertech is a leading manufacturer of long-lasting, low maintenance composite and wood-plastic composite deck solutions. They are so confident in their products, they offer a 25-year limited residential warranty, which leaves you with the peace of mind that your deck will be around for a long, long time.

When it comes to PVC decking and railing, AZEK is a clear leader. Their products resist scratches, mildew, and stains, so you can use your deck without worry about damaging it. In addition, these products are durable against cold winters, great for soaking up the sun and hate (meaning, they are fade-resistant), and require less maintenance (no wood-eating insects, mold-resistant, easier to clean, etc.).

Having great materials is one thing, but knowing how to use those materials is what makes all the difference. We construct decks with the decking materials of Timbertech and AZEK because we believe their work helps us work smarter, not harder – and we know that the finished result simply can’t be matched with any other product. If you’re in the areas of Medway, Medfield, Millus, Westwood, or any other nearby towns, we want to work with you and would be happy to share our thoughts and expertise.

Any Questions?

We do not expect everyone to be an expert when they come to us. We want you to have questions. We want you to feel comfortable in talking to us about your concerns. We are here to help.

Without a doubt, we enjoy taking the time to talk with our clients, get to know them, listen to their unique situations, and then move forward with the project. Building a deck (or any home modification, for that matter) is a huge, huge undertaking, one that can help a house (if done right) or hinder a house (if done wrong).

As deck-building professionals, we have the know-how to make sure that your deck helps your house. From the financial benefit to the summertime sun-soaking enjoyment, being a deck owner is a fantastic opportunity, and we want to be the ones to bring that opportunity to life.

So please, do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries.

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