Typar House Wrap
TYPAR HouseWrap - Allows Moisture Vapor to Escape from the Inside
TYPAR HouseWrap for moisture protection behind your siding has the perfect balance of water holdout and breathability. Moisture damage is a common issue in most seasons, which causes rot, mold growth, leaks, insects and many other problems. It’s essential that you have moisture control in the wall cavity to prevent these issues. TYPAR HouseWrap not only defends against the elements during construction, but also as an additional water barrier after your siding has been installed. Moisture can still enter the wall cavity from inside of the home, however TYPAR allows the wall cavity to breathe so the moisture vapor can escape.

TYPAR Weather Protection
TYPAR Weather Protection System Defends Against Moisture and Wind
TYPAR HouseWrap is a key building material that assures you long-term comfort and greatly reduced risk of moisture penetration and damage. There are a few main advantages that separate the TYPAR brand from the rest:

  • Superior water holdout — Restricts water from reaching the wall cavity.
  • Exceptional moisture vapor transmission (MVT) — Allows breathability so any moisture that enters the wall cavity can escape.
  • Superior tear strength — Almost 5 times stronger than competitive wraps and tested to withstand strong winds.
  • UV resistance & optimal surfactant — Reduces any damaging effects from siding (i.e. oils and tannis), soaps from power washing, or hot sunrays.

Is TYPAR Weather Protection System Necessary

TYPAR Siding Wrap
Protects from Outside Elements. Saves Energy. Keeps Conditions Comfortable.
A weather protection barrier, or TYPAR HouseWrap, acts as an extra layer of protection to secure the building envelope. TYPAR helps eliminate drafts in the wall, reducing energy costs and allowing for a more comfortable climate on the inside. Contact South Eastern Carpentry Inc today to learn more about the added protection when re-siding your home.

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