Living in New England, the siding of your home requires more than just looks, but protection as well. The proper installation of vinyl or wood (shingle/clapboard) siding using the right product allows for a weatherproof coat for your home. SEC ensures that the beauty of our siding jobs match the durability and performance of the installation. There are no shortcuts allowed when installing vinyl, clapboard, or cedar shingles. We take our time and do the job right so your new siding looks just as good many years from now as it did when it first went up.


Certainteed Vinyl Siding

Affordable Beauty and Lasting Performance

All of Certainteed products, especially their vinyl siding collection comes with affordable beauty and lasting performance. CertainTeed’s vinyl siding collection is one of America’s most popular siding. It offers an exceptional selection of affordable styles with outstanding performance. With 11 product lines and a variety of woodgrain and smooth finishes, CertainTeed gives you the freedom to express yourself with the exact siding to suit your style and budget.

Mastic Siding

Engineered for Durability, Style, and Minimal Maintenance

Rigorously tested again and again for durability and performance, Mastic siding boasts quality and long lasting siding solutions with very minimal maintenance.  In addition to its much recognized strength of material, Mastic offers numerous profiles, thickness, styles, and up to 35 standard colors to complete your project.

JamesHardie Fiber Cement Siding

JamesHardie. World Leader in Fiber Cement Siding.

New England offers unpredictable weather, from extreme high temperatures and humidity in the summer to freezing cold and wet winters. JamesHardie offers products specially suited to your local climate offering attributes relative to the season’s conditions. While many companies offer a “one-siding-fits-all” solution, SEC offers products from JamesHardie that cater to the protection of your home based on the climate conditions you live in.

When you’re dealing with the protection of your home from a construction perspective, we feel that it’s better to take luck out of the equation and use a product that will meet that security based on the conditions it will face. The HZ5™ product line by JamesHardie will provide the peace of mind while fighting cold, snow, ice, and extreme heat temperatures. This products surface has been engineered specifically for higher performance and is commonly used in New England for its superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance.

  • Resists damage from freezing temperatures
  • Resists damage from snow and ice
  • Resists damage from moisture
  • Maintains dimensional stability under challenging weather conditions
  • Complete exterior available in lap, shingle, panel, fascia, trim and soffit

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