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A large part of why we pride ourselves on being the best is that we use the best materials to go along with our quality of service and top-notch craftsmanship.

That is why we use AZEK, a company founded upon its integrity and ability to use high-quality materials. Their PVC decking and railing products are naturally resistant to scratches, mildew, and stains. In addition, they are resistant to the low temperatures of winter and the intense highs of summer, so you see less warping and fading. Avoid wood eating insects, high maintenance, warping, and other nightmares that come along with wood or lesser quality materials.

AZEKs products are among the best on the market, and here are some examples of the products available:

The Vintage Collection
As the name suggests, AZEK’s Vintage Collection gives your deck a timeless appearance, one that could work with any number of house designs. But just because you’re buying vintage-looking, it does not mean you’re buying vintage qualities. This decking material sets a new standard for aesthetics, giving you a realistic wood appearance with rustic textures (for example, a reclaimed wood appearance), rich colors (Mahogany, Cypress, and Dark Hickory), and superior durability.

The Arbor Collection
Rather than go for a classic look, AZEK’s Arbor Collection resembles the warm, vibrant tones of exotic wood, such as Classic Oak, Morado, Redland Rose, Acacia, and Hazelwood. As with all of AZEK’s decks, the Arbor Collection is stain-, scratch-, and split-resistant. This way, you get the look and feel of exotic wood, but don’t have to stress about whether it will quickly breakdown.

The Harvest Collection
With a pleasing palette of soft shades, The Harvest Collection can complement almost any choice of house siding. Moreover, since the colors come from a timeless selection, the deck will look great even if you decide to change siding at some point later. This provides you with a safe, quality deck choice that doesn’t make you worry about what kind of aesthetic changes may happen in the future.

The Terra Collection
There is nothing more calming than the soft colors of the earth, which is why AZEK offers a Terra Collection of deck selections. With two rich colors (Tahoe and Sedona) and an enhanced grain texture, these deck materials are sure to satisfy the eye, while also keeping the deck maintained for years to come. Again, all of AZEK’s collections are stain-, scratch-, and split-resistant, so you get an unbeatable visual image with a long-lasting guarantee.

The XLM Collection
When you want a pure, earthy, and subdued color palette, it’s time to check out the XLM Collection, which features an assortment of natural and tropical colors. For natural, these colors include RiverRock and SandRidge, whereas tropical features Harvest Bronze, RusticBark, and Walnut Grove. In addition, both color varieties offer a grooved profile option, so that you can have a fastener-free surface.

Additional Options
Once you have your deck material chosen, it’s time to figure out which deck options are appropriate for your deck. For example, do you want in-deck storage? It can provide you with additional storage space, without sacrificing any sort of quality for your deck. Or maybe you would rather enjoy benches and planters, which can accent your deck and really make it come to life. These are but a few of the options available.

If you have any questions about the above deck materials, please contact us. We are happy to discuss the benefits of AZEK’s products, and help you to determine which color palette is appropriate for your house.

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